Our goal with this project is to provide people with a simple and beautiful tool that can be used at home to assist with drainage of the breast tissue by clearing out old debris and congestion. This rejuvenates the tissue and allows for a healthy PH, an increased blood and oxygen supply, and healthy drainage of wastes.

Drainage restrictions can be caused by bras, which often cut off the normal pathways to the armpit and can even produce a hard ridge of congestion underneath the breast. The pumping action of the Pink Cup is similar to the common breast pump and stimulates the tissue to expel toxins and drain the old material away. Since it is not possible for many women to go without a bra, the Pink Cup offers an easy method to counteract the effects of constant wear. Another theory is that excess toxins from the lungs become lodged in the fatty tissue of the breast, and gentle drainage of this excess debris is of obvious benefit.

Healthy breast tissue is the best defense against cancer!

All profits from the sales of Pink Cup equipment and DVDs will go to the Breast Cancer Foundation and other breast cancer projects. The Pepsi Refresh Grant money will be used to:

  • Hire additional staff to coordinate the project and attract sponsors and spokespeople - June, 2010
  • Launch website and produce educational DVD to go with the Pink Cup equipment - July-August, 2010
  • Market and promote the project in national magazines and television - begin September, 2010 issues
  • Purchase equipment inventory - September, 2010
  • Train the 1700 existing Certified Massage Cupping™ and MediCupping™ Practitioners in TheraCupping™ home care program and promote “Pink Cup Gatherings” where the therapist presents the equipment and techniques.
  • Maintain warehousing/fulfillment costs - begin September, 2010
  • Provide a personal and caring referral system for those who are living with or have survived breast cancer. The referral system includes professionals who are certified to work with VacuTherapies™, and who may be able to provide immense relief from radiation burns, scarring and edema, as well as education in specific home care.

The project will be publicly active by September of 2010, Additional staff is waiting and ready to be hired and are aware of the initial goals of securing contracts for advertising, preparing ad copy and graphics for submission deadlines, and securing sponsors and spokespeople. Current deadlines for display advertising in September issues are around July 20, 2010. Articles are in outline format to be submitted for approval by “O” Magazine and other popular national publications. The domain name of www.pinkcupproject.com has been purchased, and the expert production company for the website and educational DVD has collaborated with us on five other projects to date and is very familiar with our work. A very competent warehouse staff is already in place with a new satellite warehouse available for expansion. The equipment supplier has been located and additional cups are available or can be manufactured to expand the use of the set. Certified Practitioners are awaiting an email regarding TheraCupping™ and advancement of the Pink Cup Project.

The Pink Cup Project will benefit both men and women who may be at risk for breast cancer and invaluable to those dealing with the aftermath of breast cancer treatments. A wonderful side-benefit is that the cup can be used on other areas of the body … try it on hips and belly to clear old congestion and “solid bloat” that we often mistake for fat, or on a loved one’s back to relieve tight muscles and pain … making the Pink Cup a great way to nurture yourself and others.

Our Pink Cup Project mascot, Angel…




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