TheraCupping, LLC is a family owned and run company that began in 2001 with the development of techniques using vacuum therapies for massage therapists and spa practitioners. Workshops began in 2002 and we have trained certified educators to appear at national conventions and conduct over 150 workshops each year.

Massage Cupping™ began in the bodywork field and has attracted the attention of medical professionals due to impressive client results. MediCupping™ has built on the foundation of Massage Cupping™ and has replaced manual equipment with a Vacuum Mobilization machine.

We have published numerous articles in the major trade magazines for the massage therapy and spa industries and our work and TheraCupping™ products have been featured in Yoga Magazine, Natural Health Magazine and New Life Journal.

We are serviced by a family-owned warehouse/fulfillment center in Ohio, and have many informative websites: - These techniques are time tested and true, with amazing results that have been documented for thousands of years. - This unique brand of bodywork uses suction to lift tissue as the cup moves. - Based on the foundation and structure of Massage Cupping™ bodywork, the practitioner uses a machine to perform the static suction and multiple pumping modes. - Based on the foundation of Massage Cupping™ bodywork, this is a selection of equipment for home use.

Our main focus is education in the proper use of these powerful tools at home, and to continue our efforts to educate and equip the wellness and medical fields. Our special project is the Pink Cup Project, empowering people to maintain their own bodies using vacuum therapies at home for breast health and breast cancer prevention.


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